Ansible Tips and Tricks & Ansible Vault Commands
Ansible is widely used automation tool in the IT. In this article and the video, you will learn basic tips and tricks and also Ansible Vault commands to use Ansible Playbooks in a better way. Suggestable Read: 1. Introduction and Installation & Configuration of Ansible 2.3 on CentOS/Redhat Linux 7 2. Configuring Ansible Dynamic Inventory for AWS EC2… (0 comment)

Ansible Playbook #2: Adding Multiple Users with Sudo access and private key
The previous article, I have talked about the Ansible playbook introduction and YAML syntax. In this guide, I am going to show you the next level of writing Ansible playbook that is going to Adding Multiple Users and also add them to sudoers file (/etc/sudoers).  Check the below Ansible playbooks for clear understanding.   Suggestable… (1 comment)

Creating an Ansible static inventory with variables
The previous article talks about the Ansible introduction and Configuration on Enterprise Linux 7. Now in this article, I am going to talk about the Ansible Static Inventory creation with variables. Let’s start with the introduction. Static Inventory: Static inventory is default inventory and is defined in the /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg file. Default file can be changed inside… (0 comment)