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Make a custom CentOS-7 or RHEL-7 CD With kicktart File

Make a custom CentOS-7 or RHEL-7 CD With kicktart File
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You want to make a custom CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 boot CD with custom kickstart files located on the CD. Suppose that you have 10 server and you want to same configuration to all server like web servers, database servers, mail servers, etc.In this way, you know that any application you build will run the same way on all machines. And you can install CentOS without touching keyboard or mouse and even you can automate post installation configuration process.

1- First you need to install your build environment. It is sufficient to install a “@Base” system.
2- Need to Centos-7 / RHEL-7 DVD
3- Prepare Kickstart file

4- Packages- – createrepo – genisoimage

Now Building Custom Centos-7 / RHEL-7 Boot CD –

Prepare your build environment First Install a base CentOS-7 Machine,Then If the installation of your CentOS 7 machine is finished you can continue with preparing your build environment.
Create needed folder structure as root


Note- The folders will contain the following:

images:  contents of the images directory located on the CentOS DVD
ks:            all your kickstart files which we will create later on
LiveOS:   contents of the LieveOS directory on the CentOS DVD
Packages: all RPM packages from CentOS 7 DVD plus additional packages.
postinstall: everything you want so to do after installation, for example executing custom scripts


Now Copy needed content to your local folder:

Copy all your packages and create repodata

Now we need to create the repodata folder in ~/kickstart_build/isolinux/Packages/:-

Create a kickstart file

Note- You can also create your own kickstart file. (Use- system-config-kickstart)

You can validate your kickstart file like this:

Now add your kickstart file label in the boot menu

Final create your custom CentOS 7 ISO file

Iso creation process has completed. and u can check…

Now you can create bootable cd of “centos-7-custom_DVD.iso” and use it in any other systems for installation. And finely when you boot your system show this label “Install Using Kickstart CentOS 7” in the table of centos installation menu. and u can choose it.




Congratulations 🙂 Your kickstart installation should run..!!


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