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How to Create Amazon EC2 Instance | Step by Step guide | WebGUI

How to Create Amazon EC2 Instance | Step by Step guide | WebGUI
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In this article, we’re going to guide step by step instruction to Create an Amazon EC2 Instance from WebGUI. This is going to be helpful for beginners who want to start their Cloud Journey with AWS. I hope this step-by-step EC2 tutorial for proper beginners to understand the each and every step with full details of how to create Amazon EC2 Instance on the cloud.Amazon EC2 Instance

Check out for my next article, I will share the steps to create an Amazon EC2 instance from AWS CLI (CommandLine Interface)

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If you’ve already logged in for Amazon Web Services (AWS), now you can create your first Amazon EC2 instance following the below steps and you’re going to see in detailed information about each and every step.

If you don’t have an account with AWS, or if you’re looking for 12 months free tier of basic services with Amazon Web Services. Please check this link to create your free tier step by step.

After sign in with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you will see all the services are enabled to use Web Services with Amazon. To start using Amazon EC2 you will want to launch a virtual server, known as an Amazon EC2 instance. On left, you can find EC2 under Compute category. Click EC2, which will bring to the EC2 dashboard.Amazon EC2 Instance

What is Amazon EC2?

Amazone EC2 is a compute service to provide Virtual (Machine) Server on Amazon Web services. EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. It provides a powerful, highly available and scalable cloud instances to deploy subscribers own applications on the cloud environment.

AWS EC2 Instance is an On-demand cloud compute service from AWS and where the subscriber can spin up the number of Cloud instances based on their requirement. The subscriber can rent the virtual server per hour based service for EC2 instance

Amazon EC2 service will charge based on the usage of the instance and type of instances chosen. Basically, Amazon Web Service (AWS) will charge per hour with deferent rates based on usage. That means a subscriber can rent an instance based on their business needs and requirements. He can only pay for what services are using until the service is up.

The subscriber can terminate the instance when it’s no more used and save on costs. This is the most useful advantage of on-demand instances and you can drastically save your lot of money.

Now let’s see in detail info of how to launch an on-demand EC2 instance in AWS Cloud.

Please watch this video on YouTube for more details:

Amazon EC2 Instance

Step 1: In this step, you will see the subscriber’s AWS dashboard.

  • Login to your AWS account using this link https://aws.amazon.com/
  • After Login to AWS account, you will see all the services categories like Compute, Storage, Development, Database, etc. on the dashboard.

In this guide, we are going to launch Amazon EC2 instance. For creating an EC2 instance, we have to choose Compute EC2 as in the next stepAmazon EC2 Instance

  • Expand/Open all the services and click on EC2 under Compute services. This will launch the dashboard of EC2. This looks like below
  • EC2 Dashboard will give you a full information about the AWS EC2 resources in the present region which you have selected default. Ex: US West (Oregon) regionAmazon EC2 Instance

Step 2: If you want to change your Region, you can select that from the right side in Dashboard.

  • Select the region where you want to create your EC2 instance. Regions are nothing but it’s a geographical area to provide the availability zones.
  • Here I have selected my region: US West (Oregon)Amazon EC2 Instance

Launch Instance

Step 3: After selecting the proper region to spin up your cloud instance, now click on option showed Launch Instance.Amazon EC2 Instance

After selecting the Launch Instance option you will get Instance creation wizard screen with a couple of options like choose AMI, instance type, configuring the instance, Add Tags, Storage etc.

Choose AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

Step 4: once you initiate the Launch Instance, we will see lists of AMIs that we can use. Here I am listed out which is available on free tier only.

  • An AMI (Amazon Machine Image) is a pack of data which provides the information required to launch an instance. Simply it is a template basically of an Operating System platform which you can use as a base to create your instance on AWS.
  • If you want, you can also modify existing AMIs, such as installing software’s on it and then save it as our own AMI.

Here we are choosing the default Amazon Linux (64 bit) AMI.Amazon EC2 Instance

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