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AWS Cloud: Saving Dollars with EC2 scheduling

AWS Cloud: Saving Dollars with EC2 scheduling
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In this session discussion and demo is on how to make AWS Cloud more affordable with aws ec2 scheduling. 

Introduction /Background

In most of Enterprises setups, there are minimum 02 environments. 

  • Production
  • Non-Production (Development, SIT, NPE etc).

Production workload generally runs 24 x 7 to cater the business. But Development environments are not used at all times.

When the IT setup is using Public cloud as the platform, cost is a big consideration and it’s objective to reduce the operational costs w/o impacting the business.

AWS cloud is flexible as they charge only for the resources we utilize.  For a quick example on the EC2 instance running cost

Instance TypeUSD/Hr24*7 / MonthSelective Usage / Month
m4.2xlarge0.561403 USD111  USD

*Selective Usage: Weekdays 9:00 AM to 05:00PM

For Development instances which are not required 24 x 7, saving can be done by stopping all development instances after business hours and weekend, as developers may be not using the instances that particular time. This can save a big amount from cloud expenditures.

How this can be Achieved

  • Instance Stop/Start can be scheduled using AWS Data Pipeline service. AWS charge for this service.
  • You can use your custom script/software to manage the instance stop/start.

I have written a small shell script to demonstrate, how you can manage the instance stop/start at your level. On the server where configuring this script, need to have aws cli setup.

How this script works.

  1. Checks if instance have TAG “Key – NightSleep” and its Value. (possible values are “True|False”)
  2. When script called with option “start” – script starts all instances with TAG “Key/Value” = “NightSleep/True”
  3. When script called with option “stop” – script stops all instances with TAG “Key/Value” = “NightSleep/True”
  4. if Instance, does not have “Key/Value” = “NightSleep/True” , this script will do NOTHING.

This script can be scheduled ( *nix cron) to perform the following

Stop all Instances with NightSleep/True        –        After business hours

Start all Instances with NightSleep/True        –        Weekdays (say 9:00AM )

Lab Setup Today:


Instance ID          :        i-02ab75cd9c4e9cce1

Tags                        :

Env                          :        Non-Prod

NightSleep            :        True


Instance ID          :        i-02ab75cd9c4e9cce1

Tags                        :

Env                          :        Non-Prod

NightSleep            :        True


Instance ID          :        i-09d5c649085223b0b

Tags                        :

Env                          :        Prod

NightSleep            :        False



[[email protected] /]# /usr/local/bin/awscostsaving.sh

Error occoured : valid options are stop/start/status

Crontab Entries

## Starts the Instances at 09:00 AM Mon-Friday

00 09 * * 1-5 /usr/local/bin/awscostsaving.sh start

## Stops the Instances at 05:30 PM Mon-Friday

30 17 * * 1-5 /usr/local/bin/awscostsaving.sh stop


Conclusion: This is the good way to do aws ec2 scheduling using with scripts. Please go through the video and check the script details.

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