About Us

DevOpsMates is another learners paradise from Tech Informant, designed to bring out the best articles, publish and promote the knowledge of emerging technologies to our readers. As the technology is growing faster, it’s time to shift the gears and catch up with latest happenings in the IT.

One such happening is DevOps. It is the application designed to implement the Software Development Life Cyle in a better way by providing a collaboration, and communication among the developers and professionals in producing, delivering and deploying the product through the process and methods of automation. Job Automation is been the key factor in the IT industry.

We want to bring the best content to our readers, about the technologies that bring change in the industry. Technologies include Cloud Computing, Virtualization along with DevOps.

Like Tech Informant, DevOps Mates is also designed to produce, publish the precise content and knowledge to our readers who wants to expertise in the Cloud Domain.

This website also comes up with forums for discussions, allows our readers to comment, question and can also participate in webinars through our site for more live interaction and classroom sessions.